About Lys

Lys writes about craft beer – with lots of descriptions and nifty pictures a few times a week.  Focusing on a different fermented malt beverage each post, she will provide a wide range of brews both from her local state (Arizona) as well as around the world. You know, for comparison and experience purposes.  She will also post information on beer related events and tastings she attends, should she deem it necessary to share all the goodness.



Wit's End Brewing Company, Denver

With my friend, Valerie (left) at Wit’s End Brewing Company in Denver during GABF 2012


Alyssa is a 20-something Wisconsin native, born and raised in Oshkosh (yes, b’Gosh).  She has called Madison, Tucson, and New York City her home over the past few years.  She’s currently living in Southeast Phoenix in her new house, is married to her best friend, and has two cats – Boo & Wesley.  Lys loves photography, writing, animals, traveling, Dinosaur Comics, Futurama, and, of course, craft beer.  She is currently working at a local brewery, volunteers as one of the head honchos of  AZ Girls’ Pint Out, and regularly attends meetings with the largest homebrew (despite still trying to find time to homebrew) club in the US – AZ Society of Homebrewers.  Lys’s current favorite beer styles are English Pale Ales, Sours of any kind, and Saisons.

*All opinions are my own

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11 thoughts on “About Lys

  1. Good day Lys. I am trying to contact you on behalf of Prescott Brewing Company. Could you please email me, I have some questions regarding your review. We do appreciate your public review of our beer.

    Thank you.

  2. Cheers Lys!

    Great blog – the Epic Beer Tasting is a classic (I hope you don’t mind that I posted the link on my Twitter feed (giving you the credit) for a few other craftbeer fans to see.

    I’m also a huge Scottsdale & Sedona fan – spent a few hours “researching” at Papago Brewing in February and did the same at Four Peaks a couple years back.

    Keep up the great taste and great blog!

    ~Joel (@TheAlemonger)

    • Thank you so much, both for taking the time to visit and comment as well as to post the link on Twitter! I am all for cross-posting and sharing through all social media mediums. Papago was a good choice to “research” at, haha, they have an excellent selection both on tap and in their expansive coolers. Come visit again soon and maybe we can have a pint together!


  3. stumbled across this.. what a great site! thanks for sharing and i’ll try to get my wife interested in the girls night out…

    a slightly hung over mike (well, i did go to MOTO with Stone last night.. )

    • Thanks for visiting, Mike! And we would love to have your wife at any of the AZ Girls’ Pint Outs, our next event is Thurs, April 21st. They have a group on facebook, if she’s active on that, where we send out invites and post updates, but I also try to keep the information active on here as well. Hope you had a great time at the event the other night, it’s nice to see so many diverse and craft beer oriented events out here in the valley.


  4. Hi Lys,

    I came across your blog a while ago and love reading your posts. I would like to learn more about AZ Girls’ Pint Outs. Is it possible to get more info? I also have an idea for a good “pint out” night. Thank you! Keep up the awesome posts!!


    • Hey Beth! Thanks for stopping by! For more info on AZ Girls’ Pint Out, you can visit a few different places:
      AZGPO Website

      All of the upcoming events are posted on the Facebook page as well as advertised on Twitter. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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    It would be a great help if you could please contribute (as little as a buck is ok) and pass the word along to anyone and everyone you know — through your blogs, email lists, websites, any way you can help us reach as many beer lovers as possible. Please direct everyone to our Kickstarter site via this web address:

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    David Page
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    Beer Geeks

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