Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard / Tröegs / Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout and My Simple Rediscovery of Craft Beer

So, I’ve found some time on my hands recently (long story short: my husband is chasing his dreams of becoming an actor and I’m supporting him wholeheartedly while simultaneously raiding my previously abandoned beer stash) and while opening my fridge, I also noticed ALL of the beer that I haven’t had any time to devote to in so long…well, I grabbed my sorely underused camera, picked a random bottle, washed out a glass, and went to sit on my patio.  I didn’t necessarily want to dissect the beer, because let’s be honest, there are enough beer blogs that devote all their words to dense paragraphs filled with opulent adjectives dripping in such meticulous cognition that only those who have previously experienced the brew in question could even hope to empathize with the obvious exhilaration the author illustrates.  Yes, yes, I used to be a poetic beer geek.  Thankfully, working in a brewery the past 10 months has helped me to appreciate that beer, in all of its beautiful, wonderful, tasty glory, is just beer.  And that’s okay.  Each brew can have its differences, however broad or narrow, that set it apart from everything else, and these intricate parts can be admired or detested per the imbiber’s palate or beliefs.  And that’s okay.

My new personal rules for beer are these:

1.  If you like it, drink it

2.  Try at least one new beer a day/every other day/week (whichever is feasible)

3.  Never stop believing in craft beer

Regardless, I’m trying to reintroduce myself to different beers, and I have a whole closet/cabinet/fridge of alcohol I’ve collected from different parts of the US over the past months that needs to be ingested – seriously can’t stress this enough.  I’m going to try and get through all of them in time, but I’m not worried about documenting them for anyone.  I’ll make a few notes via Untappd if I feel so inspired, but mostly, I’d just really like to get back into photographing what I’m drinking.  Beer is a beautiful thing, and there are infinite angles with which to admire it by; I’d like to do it visually.  That’s pretty much it.  Simple, delicious, and hopefully something I can fit into my hectic schedule.


The first beer I snagged from the depths of my fridge was a collaboration bottle of Cherry Chocolate Stout by Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard / Tröegs / Stone.

My Untappd notes:  Aged marvelously!  Woody vanilla booziness, slight acidic tartness on the top from the cherries, and a nice soft chocolate finish.






Let’s hope this recent bug of creativity sticks for a while!


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