I’m well aware that it’s been over a month (almost 2…oy vey) since I posted, but I have a good reason: I got a job.  A real, paying, full-(and plenty of over-) time job.  At a local brewery, on my birthday, no less (and then I officially started working right before AZ Beer Week, so that was a real good kick in the ass); so let’s just celebrate with a beer virtually and figure out how I’m planning on keeping this little blog afloat.  Truthfully, I have no plan – but who does, nowadays?  I’m just going to post when I can, even if it’s about something really random and uninteresting.  This might be one of those posts, since I haven’t gotten around to finishing up the third and final part of my December-January road trip (again, oy).  Recently – well, much earlier than recently actually, as I’ve been indulging in Pinterest since it started a few years back – I’ve found myself re-interested in Pinterest (re-pinterested? ha…) on both a professional and personal level.  I mean, I’ve always used it on a personal level, like when I was planning my wedding (I know, cliche much?) or looking at awesome design inspiration for whenever I get enough money to actually decorate/paint/buy lots of first-world items for my house (aka: never, though I do own a house, thankyouverymuch), but I’ve never really looked at it from more than a visual lifestyle pinboard.  Since starting my new job, however, I’ve been tasked with running the company Pinterest site, and it’s been really eye-opening.

For starters, running a Pinterest page for a company is made to seem like it’s sooo much more different than a personal page, when in reality, you just have to be more focused on what your ultimate goal is.  Though I guess that makes the first difference being that you actually have to have a goal.  You have fans and consumers that are interested in your physical product, now you have to get and keep them interested in your visual product  as well, while keeping them entertained by giving them a glimpse of what you, as a company made up of multiple people with many different interests, want to represent…besides your product.  For example, just pinning photos and articles about your brand/product is going to come off as a self-important, bland, and uninspired marketing ploy.  Of course you want to make your Pinboard a visual representation of your company – that’s the whole point!  But you want to do it so that your fans and consumers can relate to you on a personal level, while still maintaining a professional appearance.  Pin those photos and articles of your brand, but create other boards that play host to photos your fans have taken (whether they’re of your company’s product or completely generic – a glass of beer is a glass of beer), create boards for fun sayings that relate to your product and will also ring true for your followers (ie: quotes about beer are endless – “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy,” “Maybe it’s the beer talking, but I really love beer,” etc.), create a board just for books that are written on the same topic as your product (again, lots of beer books), or even create a board that has nothing to do with your company or product, but is interesting while remaining generic (photos of the state/city your company is located in – in my case, Arizona).  At least follow your fans back – this is an interactive platform, repin and be repinned.  You get the idea.

Anyway, I didn’t come here to write a novel on how to run a business on Pinterest, I came to jot down some cool people I’ve found on Pinterest since I’ve become more engaged in a professional beer sense.  I’ve never really thought of using Pinterest as a place to share beer stuff – I’ve got Facebook, Twitter, this blog, Untappd, other people’s blogs, etc to engage in the culture of craft brews.  But since I’ve been using Pinterest for so long and have now discovered a whole new side of it, I figured I might as well share it for all you non-believers out there (of which you are plenty, I know).  I’m not trying to convert you over to this site in any sense, I’m just going to throw this out there as a resource for those of you who may already be on Pinterest (or on the fence about it), and who want to use it for beer-related things.  Because let’s be honest, we all love beer, right?  Why else would we bother going to another site if not for beer?  Don’t answer that if you’ve got anything like “well, I read the news…” or “pictures of cats!”, those aren’t a lifestyle, they’re hobbies at best (and the news is just depressing).  Craft beer is a lifestyle.

Ok, enough rambling, here’s a pretty good list I’ve come up with of breweries, beer writers/photographers, homebrewers, and beer people in general.  I’m definitely missing a lot, as it’s a big place, so if you know of anyone that should be added, let me know and I’ll throw them on.  Disclaimer: I realize that some of these pages are pretty empty or seem abandoned already, but I’m trying to be thorough.  Also note that many of these pages will have other pins that are completely unrelated to craft beer (clothing, food, tech gadgets, etc), people have other interests, so that’s to be expected. (My pinterest)

Unofficial List of Craft Beer Pinterest Users

Odell Brewing
Asheville Brewing
Deschutes Brewing
The Bruery
Epic Brewing
Four Peaks Brewing
Wynwood Brewing
Stone Brewing
Uinta Brewing
Gravity 1020 @ Fort Collins Brewing
Pateros Creek Brewing
Brooklyn Brew Shop
Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro
Diamond Knot Brewing
Empyrean Brewing
Squatters Pubs
Blue Mountain Brewing
Devil’s Canyon Brewing
Blue Point Brewing
Mellody Brewing
Strike Brewing
Bru Boulder
Tree Brewing
Payette Brewing
Goose Island Brewing
Firestone Walker Brewing
Woodchuck Cider
B. Nektar Meadery


Lee Williams – Hoptopia (twitter)
Stevie Caldarola – Founder of Ladies of Craft Beer (twitter)
Homebrew Academy (twitter)
Laurie Delk – 100 Beers 30 Days (twitter)
Lisa Grimm – (twitter)
Vanessa Smith Gimpel – FL homebrewer, (twitter)
Amber Roth DeGrace (twitter)
Magen Peters – Girls’ Pint Out Founder, Indiana (twitter)
Girls’ Pint Out – Indiana based women’s beer education group (twitter)
Empty Growler (twitter)
Arts & Craft Beer (twitter)
Beeralicious (twitter)
Beer Soaked (twitter)
John Holzer – New Brew Thursday Founder (twitter)
New Texian Brewery – Start up home brewery (twitter)
James Swann – Whole Foods Chandler, AZ Beer Buyer (twitter)
Focus on The Beer (twitter)
Hops Diva (twitter)
Christian Lavender – (twitter)
Northwest Beer Guide (twitter)
Andrew Bauman – AZ homebrewer, ASH member
Jason Fisher (twitter)
Brew City Beer Buffs (twitter)
Megan Powell – Someone Left the Cake Out in The Rain blogger (twitter)
Evo Terra – AZ writer
Sarah Bernstein – writer, homebrewer for The Brewmates (twitter)
Phillipe Gagnon – CrftBeerCulture writer, CA (twitter)
Jason Miller – SC beer blogger (twitter)
Mutineer Mag (twitter)
Megan Stokes – Boston, MA
Sean Buchan – Beertographer, writer for Denver Off The Wagon (twitter)
Brian Mister – Bartender, Marketing in MD (twitter)
The Brew Bros (twitter)
Jay Zeis – A Beer in The Hand blogger, PA (twitter)
Sean McMahon – Brewery Outfitters (twitter)
Stan W – FL homebrewer (twitter)
Gary Tomlinson (twitter)
Kegworks – online retailer, Buffalo, NY (twitter)
Aleheads (twitter)
Hophead Fred – Vegan Zombie Beer Club, AZ (twitter)
Matt Reed – Supervisor at Brewminer, TN (twitter)
Bryon Martin (twitter)
Matt Hughes – former brewer at Wynkoop, CO (twitter)
Shawn Massie – Foodrevu photographer/writer, CA (twitter)
The Beer Tool – Manly bottle openers (twitter)
Jacob Sanford – Homebrewer, blogger, GA (twitter)
David Brassfield – London blogger (twitter)
Peggy Gartin – San Diego TweetUp leader (twitter)
Dale Miskimins – Beer blogger, SD (twitter)
NW Micro Canning – Seattle Mobile Canning (twitter)
Bess Dougherty – Brewer, writer for Denver off The Wagon (twitter)
Pies and Pints – Handcrafted Pizza and Beer, WV (twitter)
Nick McCormac – blogger, SC (twitter)
Curt Potter – Brewery branding, NY (twitter)
Matt P – Homebrewer, CA (Twitter)
Brian Papineau (twitter)
John Fay (twitter)
James Barnes – (twitter)
Tim Cochran – blogger, MO (twitter)
John Kleinchester – (twitter)
Beer Club – Canton, OH beer club (twitter)
Pat Strader – WV (twitter)
Justin T. Coons – beer reviewer, PA (twitter)
Felix Vom Endt – German beer blogger (twitter)
El Jardín Del Lúpulo – Spanish beer blog (twitter)
Gerard Walen – Road Trips For Beer (twitter)
Acey Holmes
Alan Shaw – The Beer Geek, writer, FL
Mom’s Malt Barley – Beer blogger, ME (twitter)
Brew Dudes – Homebrewer blog writers, Boston (twitter)
My Beer Buzz – Blog, PA (twitter)
Patrick Schroeder – AZ homebrewer (twitter)
Lisa Morrison – The Beer Goddess (twitter)
Marty Nachel – writer, brewer, founder of (twitter)
Make Beer (Coopers) – homebrewing equipment (twitter)
Tim Cigelske – runner, beer enthusiast, WI (twitter)
Rob’s Supply – Homebrewing kits, Salem, CT
The J. Clyde – Hot Rock Tavern and Alehouse, Birmingham, AL (twitter)
Adam Nason – (twitter)
GK Skaggs – Importer/Distributor, Irvine, CA (twitter)
Sally Selwan – Chicago Beer Girl, IL (twitter)
Jeremy Labadie – The Beer Buddha, LA (twitter)
Brewing TV – Homebrewing culture on video (twitter)
Gene Lynch – Beer Geney blogger, NJ (twitter)
Clare Goggin – Craft beer culture blogger, Astoria, NY (twitter)
Ca Brasse! – Montreal based brewing news (twitter)
Jay Maslar – Head brewer at Blackheart Brewery, Binghamton, NY (twitter)
Kelly Podzemny – TX (twitter)
Lisa Zimmer – Digital and Consumer Outreach at Tenth and Blake (twitter)

19 thoughts on “Pint-erest

  1. This is a fantastic list…Thank you for taking the time to compile all of those. I’m really excited about checking out the Pinterest boards and finding more great people/blogs through those – I had never even considered the possibility of breweries using Pinterest! This post is definitely “starred” on my Google Reader now 🙂

  2. I’d love to share mine too…my name is Jason and I have a beer blog that I write for called Lville Beer. Just started my Pinterest page a few weeks ago, I love the craft beer world and hope we can all keep sharing & keep it growing.

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