Ameri’Can’ Craft Beer Fest

I’m about 3 weeks late on this one thanks to planning, putting together, and then participating in a wedding last week Thursday.  My wedding, actually.  Things were a little hectic and crazy for a while and then the day came; we cried and laughed and danced with all of our friends and family, drank good beer (many, many thanks to Sonoran Brewing Company as well as the whole state of California!) and ate delicious food.  We even blew bubbles and snacked on mini pies and cupcakes.  It was a fantastic day and I’m glad that everything worked out perfectly, but I’m also glad it’s over, as now I can resume my normal life – save for a new last name – and make more time for beer. If you’re friends with me on Facebook (or if you’d like to be friends on FB, let me know, I’m a fan of connecting via social media), all of my pictures from the wedding will be on there, as I don’t think my little beer blog is the place for that, though I may throw one up under the ‘About Lys’ section for kicks.

Anyway, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the Ameri’Can’ Craft Beer Fest from 3 weeks ago and proclaim that I had a really awesome time at it, even managing to snag VIP tickets so I could cool down in the VIP tent (for the record, I’ve never been to anything VIP before until I started getting into beer…I really love this community) and meeting up with other fellow beer lovers from around the valley.  I only wish I had more time and money to go to all of the local events and meet even more people and drink more beer, but don’t we all?

Click on the photos to enlarge them!


5 thoughts on “Ameri’Can’ Craft Beer Fest

  1. Congratulations Lys! We may have gotten married on the same day! We tied the knot on 6/11. Lots of good beer and a 9 liter bottle of champagne, courtesy of my wine importer sister.


    • Ah, very close! Our day was 6/9. Congratulations yourself, and nice of you to provide something other than beer. Unfortunately our venue didn’t allow us to have hard alcohol without hiring a guard of sorts to keep people from driving (or something), so we stuck with beer for the adults and root beer for the kids. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yo Lys!

    Once again, congrats on the nuptials! Sounds like a wonderful wedding.

    As far as the canned beer goes, sampled three Sixpoints and a 21st Amendment with The Wookie last night. The Sixpoints were nothing special, but that Back In Black was AMAZING! Talk about a fabulous beer!


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