Just Another Manless Monday

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If you are a woman in the Phoenix area who loves good craft beer and you want to find other like-minded ladies to share a pint with, look no further than Arizona’s own AZ Girls’ Pint Out (Facebook, Twitter, website).  Run by the super talented Maureen Basenberg, she is working hard to continually create events, such as pairings, exclusive tastings, and benefit dinners, around the valley with local breweries and businesses while educating women about the craft beer scene.  If you’d like to learn more about AZ Girls’ Pint Out, visit the links above and make sure to like AZGPO on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and check the website for event updates!  For more information on Maureen and why she started the group, make sure to read her statement on the website: Why Arizona Girls’ Pint Out?

This past Monday night was yet another fantastically successful event hosted at SanTan Brewing Company in Chandler with a pairing of 6 different SanTan beers with delectable cheeses from Whole Foods and heavenly handmade toffee from GoodyTwos in Scottsdale.  How can you go wrong with beer, toffee, and cheese?  Ask the 75 women who were quick enough to reserve a spot and they’ll probably all tell you the same thing:  you can’t! (Fun Fact: AZGPO has been around for just under a year, this was the second largest event in that amount of time.)

The pairings for the evening were (clockwise from top left corner around the plate in the photo below):

  • HopShock IPA with a Grafton Duet – 2 layers of cheddar flanking a thick vein of St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheese
  • Sex Panther Chocolate Barley Wine with GoodyTwos’ Double Trouble toffee – Spanish peanuts, Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla, Callebaut milk chocolate & tiny peanut butter cups
  • Night Of The Living Red with Sartori Extra Aged Asiago – creamy, finishes nutty & savory on the palate
  • HefeWeizen with GoodyTwos’ Cinnfully Hazelicious toffee – Hazelnuts, hazelnut liqueur, Saigon cinnamon, milk & dark chocolate, covered with more chopped hazelnuts
  • Cherry Stout with Sini Fulvi Campo – sweet warm, roasted onions, with nutty earthy undertones; served on a hazelnut biscuit
  • Voltron Imperial Red Ale with GoodyTwos’ 2 Alarm Peanut Brittle – pure cane sugar, Madagascar-Bourbon vanilla, Spanish peanuts, Devil’s Ale, cayenne pepper, & chili powder

{All of the toffee and cheeses we tried – beer shown is HopShock IPA, paired with the cheese in the top left corner of the plate}

{Cherry Stout – classic Irish stout infused with whole split Philippine vanilla beans and maraschino cherries – with a hazelnut biscuit}

Last night’s pairings were so spot on and complimentary of each individual component, I don’t think a single person walked away dissatisfied with what they tasted.  Pairing toffee with beer is a revolutionary new idea that I would definitely love to see more often in the future, and the cheese was so sublime – more people really should recognize the versatility of good craft beer and expand their horizons past pairing beer and pizza.  It’s not just a “wine thing” anymore!

Thank you so much to Maureen at AZ Girls’ Pint Out for creating such a delicious event with GoodyTwos, who we definitely must thank for the 3 marvelous types of toffee as well as the free bags of their special collaboration toffee with SanTan – the 2 Alarm Peanut Brittle!  And many, many thanks to SanTan Brewing Company for providing the space, the time, and, of course, the beer!  Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget all of the awesome women who came out for the night from all over the valley to celebrate, and completely dominate, the first ever Manless Monday, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  Cheers!

{Maureen from AZGPO, Donna & Stacey from GoodyTwos, and the women from SanTan who made this event possible}


There are quite a few photos, but I will post as many of them here that I can, enjoy!

{GoodyTwos’ 2 Alarm Peanut Brittle, made with SanTan’s Devil’s Ale}

{Donna & Stacey from GoodyTwos}

{It didn’t stay completely manless, but how could they resist a brewery full of women, toffee, cheese, and beer?}


{AZGPO’s Maureen Basenberg}

Upcoming events with AZGPO: AZ Beer Week Crispin Cider at Sun Up Brewing Company, Beer For Brains Strong Ale Dinner at Taggia Restaurant


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