Tommyknocker Butt Head Bock

The sky is bigger out here in the Rockies. It seems to stretch just a little bit beyond where the horizon is, blending with the mountains, making the stars and sunsets tangible and close. It’s just… big. I’ve seen my share of beautiful starscapes, but back home, where it’s flat, nothing snaps. Nothing crackles. And, I hate to say it, but nothing pops. You can’t look out the window and see something fifteen miles away. There is a scale in the mountains that must be experienced.

Of course, wherever you go, beer can be big. It punches you in the mouth with no regrets, forcing you to hold the bottle in your hands and stare quizzically at it, wondering how the heck they fit all that into that tiny brown bottle. The Tommyknocker Butt Head Bock is one of those beers.

Doppelbocks, like the Butt Head, are stronger, both in flavor and alcohol content, than standard bocks, which are sometimes powerful themselves. The Butt Head was the color of dark chocolate and had a strong, sweet aroma of malt and roasted nuts. This is one that should be allowed to rest a little after pouring out of the bottle, letting the temperature rise and the smoothness really start to appear, which gives you a few moments to look at and smell the very filling, heavy beer that you are about to enjoy.

As the bock passed my lips, I noticed how big the beer is. It stopped my thoughts in their tracks. All I could think about was the doppelbock that just took my senses and shook them. It was a very crisp beer that was both bitter and sweet. It completely dominated my entire mouth, but as soon as the strong, intense flavor comes, it fades, allowing a sweet and very dry finish to emerge. Caramel and black licorice tones lingered in the corners of my mouth long after a drink. The tail end of the aftertaste holds hints of herbs and nuts, which is both enticing and delicious.

The Butt Head is a very heavy beer, with a creamy, almost chewable mouthfeel, which, along with the alcohol content, makes it something to really take in. At the end of the bottle, my ears were warm and my arms heavy. If the conversation wasn’t so good, I daresay could have taken a nap, which, sadly, would have prevented me from enjoying another. It quickly made me feel warm and comfortable, more so than other beers with the same ABV, since the large flavors all blended together with the feel to make quite the bock.

While you can get big beer anywhere, the Butt Head Bock is something that everyone should experience. When you drink it, close your eyes and imagine the sunrise over the snow-covered mountains or stars dancing in pristine glacial lakes. Or, you know, if you are like me, I can just look out the window.


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