Boulder Beer Co Cold Hop

For whatever reason, I like frustrating or uncomfortable activities. I have a habit of watching scary movies alone, at night, with nobody to comfort me. I play Mega Man religiously, which may or may not have broken a Gamecube controller. It may because I don’t get frustrated easily, and I like letting that emotion out in a controlled way. That, or Mega Man is just a hell of a lot of fun.

What I am finding frustrating about beer is that my pallet is not the attuned to differences of some brews, and occasionally, I find a beer that I have a very hard time describing. Flavor is something that has a hard time being put into words, being a mix of senses and emotions bottled in brown glass. Tonight’s beer was one of these challenges.

The Boulder Beer Company’s Cold Hop is a British-style ale with some interesting and secretive characteristics. As the name suggests, the Cold Hop is rather hoppy in smell and flavor, but not as bitter as the aroma may hint at. While the bitterness is there, it is really a vessel for a myriad of extra bonus flavors, if the hops isn’t good enough for you.

The Cold Hop masters your entire pallet, using every part of your tongue to grasp the flavor, but all of tastes tread carefully, neither demanding attention nor wanting to be found. After all is said and done, the ale is very smooth, despite being hoppy and dry. The breath of orange and lemon exists between caramel and white chocolate undertones, but finding them wracked my brain, tying it into knots and dancing around it, victorious.

The beer is not a struggle to taste, enjoy, or drink. It’s a struggle to pin down, to figure out, and put into words. Luckily, there is no broken controllers or sleepless nights. Just a golden liquid and a few quizzical looks from yours truly.

The Cold Hop is a lovely little beer with quite the spirit and subtleties, but has a bit of strong initial hoppiness, which I don’t mind at all, all creating a very drinkable and enjoyable ale.


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