Boulder Beer Co Flashback India Brown Ale

I’m not very good at waiting. I’m a very patient person, knowing things sometime take a lot of time to come into fruition, but staring at a clock, waiting for something to happen causes me great anxiety. Even with a relatively stress-free life, and being a relatively stress-free person, being in a state of limbo is the thing that causes me the largest self doubt.

But suddenly, things happen. Some excitement takes hold, or someone finally shows up. Sometimes the wait was worth it. Sometimes it catches you by surprise. Sometimes the monotony proves how terrific something different really is.

I’m a big fan of India Pale Ales, as you may have read before. But tonight’s beer caught me off guard. I tried Boulder Beer Company’s Flashback, which is an India-style brown ale. IPAs are generally hoppy, bitter, and complex, but this IBA adds to that a smokiness and fullness to the equation.

The smell of the beer is a bit like black licorice and dried fruit, and doesn’t smell bitter or hoppy much at all. The color is a lighter brown with hints of red, but dark enough to promise quite a bit of flavor.

(Okay, camera issues again, pictures soon!)

And a lot of flavor, it has. There is a bit of bitterness, but not nearly enough to cover up the creaminess, nuttiness, and subtle sweetness that this beer has. It’s the yin and yang of beer, one always ebbing, the other vying, but creating a perfect balance. It’s a beer that is satisfying and lovable. You drink it and think, “Well, that was delicious, I hope there is more of that.” And there is.

But the best part of the beer is the wait after. Yup. Wait. I hate it and love it at the same time. Almost thirty seconds after the beer leaves your mouth, your pallet continues to swim in a complex, sweet, and continually balanced. The initial flavor is very hoppy and doesn’t do much for the beer, but as soon as that passes, the flavor-waiting game begins, and it’s worth every second.

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