Odell Brewing Co

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Well, I have one more brewery review before going back to standard reviews, and it’s a pretty good one, so hold on to your britches. If you aren’t from the 1700s, then grab hold of something more fashionable and let’s dive in, shall we?

During my trip to Fort Collins, I also visited Odell Brewing Company, which was a warm, inviting place, with live music and free chocolate truffles as I walked in the door. Of course, the smell of freshly brewed beer filled the air, but what I noticed Johnny-on-the-spot was the lovely wall of taps. My friends and I were in for many little samples. Each sample tray each had six small glasses on them. Naturally, we ordered two.

Each tray was arranged from lightest to darkest, as many breweries do. For Odell, the darker the beer, the generally better the beer was. Case in point: the Double Ninja.

The Double Ninja is a double IPA, which tastes as intense as it sounds. Naming things after ninjas is no small feat, much less making it one of the best beers I’ve ever tried. Being an IPA, it was bitter and a kick in the mouth, but being a double IPA was like getting curb-stomped with flavor. Yes, it was bitter and hoppy, but there was an incredible richness, creaminess, and smoothness that followed.

It was the only beer of the Odell samples that I needed to get more of, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Easily the best beer of the day.

But there’s a catch, though. A terrible, cruel catch. It hasn’t been bottled yet. Odell is thinking about it. Hopefully they make their mind up for the distribution quickly, or I am going to make a few more trips to Fort Collins than I had initially imagined.

Of course, the other Odell brews are just as much of a reason for a visit in the brewery. It has a great environment, great selection, and great beer.


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