New Belgium Sunshine

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Apologies for the lack of posts during the last few days. I had trouble with Boulder Beer Company and the holiday known as Halloween. Regardless, I’m back in my beer swing as of late and am pretty excited about a new beer review.

I’ve been re-watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with my new friends here in Colorado for the past week or so. If you haven’t seen it (which, by all means, you should), towards the end of the last movie, the four heroic hobbits enjoy a pint of an unknown brew, completing their quest with things returning mostly to normal. In my mind, the ale they drink is rich, flavorful, meaningful, and good.

Absolutely not the New Belgium Sunshine.

Now, I am a bit biased. I’m not the biggest fan of wheat beer, plus it’s November. Wheat beer, as I’m told, is best enjoyed in the depths of summer, when the sun is the highest, along with the temperature and my patience for lighter beer. This is a beer for a long day working on your pool, when the sunburn on your shoulders calls for aloe and a crisp splash of chlorinated water and your tongue wants simplicity and near-freezing beverages. 

The Sunshine would be great in this circumstance. The citrus and honey flavors of the beer, although light, would accent a hot, blistery day in mid-July. My body, nay, my soul, recoils at this idea elbow deep in a Colorado winter. It’s too light. It’s too fruity. It’s too… nothing. It’s incredibly drinkable only because it feels, tastes, and assumes the role of water, which is completely unacceptable on a frigid, need-to-jump-your-car cold November day in the mountains.

Like I said, I’mm a bit biased. I’ll be the first to tell you that this beer will be much more enjoyable if reviewed on a hot day. I can even imagine the day that this beer is picked over the rest. But it is not this day.

But even as light, summery beers go, the Sunshine is mediocre. A Corona with lime is a good substitute. A Corona.


But maybe you can’t be picky in the summer. Maybe summer beer is a different entity in general. Maybe I am entirely naive.


I refuse to think this way. Good beer is good beer, no matter what time of year this is. I will not  be served lemon in my beer. I will not let a certain, rare situation govern the beer I drink. Even in the depth of summer, even in the balmiest of days, even in the beating rays of the unforgiving sun. I will not drink a plain, boring, shallow beer that is the Sunshine.

I simply will not.

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