Ska Ten Pin Porter!

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Well, I promise a double review soon. I’m in the process of planning a trip to Fort Collins in the next week, which has quite a few breweries, which I’ll be sure to report on. That should make things up.

But on to more important things, like today’s beer.

Tonight I tried Ska’s Ten Pin Porter! The exclamation point is completely necessary. It’s an exciting beer. There’s a surprising amount of subtly in porters, since they generally have the strongest flavors, but those percolate through your taste buds an uncover some hidden truths of the brew. The Ten Pin does this in an elegant fashion. Some porters taste relatively similar, with strong coffee, chocolate, and dried fruit flavors. What makes the Ten Pin score a perfect 300 (ha!) is the blend of aftertastes and hints that show up after the strong tastes fade to the background.

Ska’s porter boast many interesting flavors aside from the normal porter tastes. There are hints of cherry, smoke, good meat, and cream, depending on the temperature of the beer. When the Ten Pin is cooler, the fruitiness is more apparent, but as it warms up, the meaty mouthfeel is richer. The thickness of the beer really is enjoyable, making it feel good rather than just taste good.

At the end of the beer, I felt a lot better. Granted, I feel better after most beer. I enjoy them, the flavor, the general experience. But this one in particular made me feel better than usual, like  I experienced something special, something bigger than your average beer.

It makes me want to drink porters for a week to see how awesome that week can be. Maybe in February. I need good things in February.

If you don’t like porters or beer, try this one. Really think about every sip. Think about the adventure the beer presents. The Ten Pin has a great story to tell.


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