Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

I’m breaking my rule sticking with local beer, but events occurred in which I arrived at an establishment with only beer that I have tried and reviewed (and enjoyed) on this blog. However, I feel that it is appropriate to expand goals, not only trying beer from local communities, but from all over this great nation, nay, the world. I’m moving my taste buds to a brewery based in Chico, California, called Sierra Nevada. So to add clarity, I live in Colorado, drinking a beer from California, which is called Sierra Nevada. Lots of states, and lots of flavors.

Tonight, I tried the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I’ve become very happy ordering pale ales over the last few weeks, since each one is surprising in very different ways, and this one was just as delightful. The beer is incredibly pleasing to the eye, being what a good ale should look like: a cheerful light amber, a decent head, and good clarity, but not completely transparent. I wish I could comment on the smell, but I spent some time at a natural sulfur hot spring, so I couldn’t get a full aroma, but what I could smell was crisp and refreshing.

This particular pale ale was hoppy, but very smooth and crisp. Although there is a bitterness, it isn’t very strong, nor long lasting, allowing other flavors to play with your senses. There is a slight hint of citrus as the hops calms down, mixing well with floral and herbal tones, creating a drinkable beer that you can really attack or take your time and sip, savoring every drop. The bitterness adds a lovely twist of complexity to the mix, not allowing the beer to become dull and boring towards to end of the glass or the second bottle, and the malts make the beer drinkable, pulling you in for a little more.

And if you are having fun while drinking, well, you can’t be too greedy, now can you? And if you have a little pipe tobacco, my goodness, you’ve found yourself a throughly enjoyable evening.


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