Boulder Beer Company Hazed and Infused

Beer, like some days, can be long, busy, and good. After it, you feel like you’ve accomplished something, relishing in the experience and wanting to tell somebody about it. I’ve had one of those days and one of those beers. After a day work, swimming, cleaning, and Thai food, the perfect end was Boulder Beer Company’s Hazed and Confused, and it was one of the more exciting, interesting, and darn-right busy beers I’ve ever come across.

The Hazed and Confused boasts a “dry-hops infusion” during the fermentation process, claiming it gives a unique and bold flavor. I have to disagree; it has flavors. The smell alone is sweet, hinting at a fruity, citrus flavor profile, but intrigue and wonder begins at the first sip. Boulder Beer Company seems to have found a blend of the fruitiness of a wheat or rice beer and combined it with an IPA, creating flavors that work surprisingly wonder together.

Right as the dark orange amber liquid hit my lips, I instantly noticed two things: hops and fresh fruit. For such a sweet smelling beer, this is bitter and hoppy, and without the sweetness of the malt, it would be comparable to a darker lager or pale ale. Luckily, this hoppy beer must have some great things in it, because you get hits of cherry, grape, almonds, and honey, all rolled up into a delicious batch, mellowing out some of the bitterness without covering it up. And if you are feeling it, it works really well.

As the bottom of the glass approached, the flavors blended a bit more, smoothing out the whole drinking experience, lingering on your tongue like a warm, colorful blanket, which leads me to recommend that you let the beer warm up just a touch before you drink most of it. Those couple degrees acts like a day in the fridge for pasta, combining all the flavors into a more enjoyable package.

The sweetness and bitterness creates an interesting, drinkable experience that favors two popular beer genres, potentially making it more enjoyable for a broader audience. Of course, as I’ve said before, I don’t like fruity beer, but I had never tried a fruity bitter beer, and don’t see why more breweries try it. If you stumble upon any sweet and hoppy beers, please comment below and let me know, and maybe I can find them and review them here!

Overall, I enjoyed this ale. It was flavorful, interesting, and filled with a sense of wonder, so if you are interested in a beer with a lot going on, I would recommend trying this one.

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