Ska Buster Nut Brown Ale

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You know the winter song, “Let it snow”? There isn’t one line in that song about nut brown ales. Not one! There’s a bit about popcorn and being stuck with a lovely lady or fella because of the blizzard, but nothing about malt beverages (which tend to be sometimes more reliable, aren’t they?). We are expecting about eight inches of snow tonight, and all I want to do is curl up with a good book, warm blanket, and brown ale.

Boy howdy, I can!

Tonight, I tried Ska’s Buster Nut Brown Ale, and it wasn’t too shabby. The color was a little lighter than other brown’s I’ve had, but still had a deep, smoky amber hue and there was great flavor. The Buster is surprisingly aromatic, smelling of caramel and herbs, bringing a hit of smoke from a campfire. It has a lovely thickness to it, really heavy in your mouth, but just light enough for you to enjoy every sip unhindered.

The flavor dances with your tongue like a nice, slow song with a girl with pretty eyes; it’s easy to get lost. Right as the caramel and honey disperse, caramelized almonds take over for quite some time, bringing you a new level of the beer. Finishing it up, a slight sweetness teases you, making you want to go back for more. Throughout the entire time, there is a ever-so-slight bitterness reminding you that the experience will end, but there is always a little bit left in the glass. The subtle nuttiness hangs on until you eat or drink anything for a significant amount of time, reminding me of good pie or tart. 

The beauty of beers like the Buster is the warming sensation. Yes, yes, alcohol makes you feel warm, but with the right beer, it seems much more appropriate. After walking home in the sleet, this would be a terrific goal to have at the end of the trek. It isn’t the strongest of ales, boasting an ABV of 5.15%, it’s plenty to have two and feel rather cozy, making reading the book of choice and snuggling deeper into the blankets that much easier (tonight it’s Long Halloween and my grandma’s handmade quilt).

Now, I’m not sure if Ska Brewing intended the Buster to be a cozy ale. In fact, I don’t think Ska intended any of their beers to be cozy, being very vocal about their dislike for large, all-consuming beer conglomerates. They market their beer as loud, colorful, exciting brews, but I think everyone needs to relax a bit with a good brown ale like this one. In an age where you see people having a blast with a big group of people drinking whatever swill is being shown, sometimes you’ve got to take some time alone.

This is a good ale for that. So take a few moments to yourself and enjoy the Buster Nut Brown Ale. You won’t be disappointed.


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