Ska True Blonde

It turns out I’ve been going the wrong direction when I turn out of my home. With a little exploring, I found a new establishment that has a mixed selection of Colorado beer, so I can stay in the state for a bit longer than expected, which I don’t mind, since I would like to enjoy my time here, and not remember it as a place where I couldn’t find beer.

Every brewery was a certain feel going for a niche market, depending on the size of the brewery. Some don’t take themselves too serious, like Horny Goat Brewery, or relaxed, but know what they are talking about, like Leinenkugel’s. Here in Colorado, I discovered a brewery that is right up my alley. I enjoy comics, ranging from Batman to Calvin and Hobbes, and even tried my hand at my college newspaper with my very own paneled drawings. Each of the Ska’s brews have a little comic or picture on the bottle, telling a very short story.

This design is interesting and brilliant, if I say so myself. But beyond the fun bottle design, the beer isn’t half bad. I tried the True Blonde tonight, and the bottle sported a blonde women driving away on a moped, and the beer was just as fun. It had a light, golden color and had a lovely nutty finish. It was complex for a blonde, having an interesting blend of light hops taste, honey, and herbs.

The True Blonde is a very relaxed beer and doesn’t demand much beer experience to enjoy. It’s light and flavorful, which is a winning combination for any beer patron. It is very fitting after a good, tiring day, especially after hiking in the mountains for a few hours, which I recommend everyone do occasionally.

The beer itself is a good blonde, bring a lot to the table for not being the heaviest or brightest. It is what it is, and that’s smooth, flavorful, and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to what else Ska Brewery has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Ska True Blonde

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