Old World Brewery Irish Red Ale

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I suppose it had to come to this eventually, but I have finally come across a beer I couldn’t even finish and, as a result, I will attempt to write my first negative review.  Coming into this personal reviewing, I never thought that I would like every beer I tried, but I told myself that I would at least finish the bottle to give each beer its fair chance.  Unfortunately, with this being the second terribly disappointing beer from Old World Brewery, I’m putting my foot down and plan on avoiding their brews from now on.  I would love to support this local brewery, but I don’t have any respect for the beers or for the brewers (it’s nothing personal, whoever you are).  Both beers tasted like they just don’t care about brewing good beer, and that’s not something I want in my mouth.

The Irish Red Ale started out alright, but that’s only because I hadn’t tasted it yet.  There was barely any head to speak of and minimal carbonation to support one.  The liquid was a clear mahogany base with deep raspberry highlights.  Very sparse lacing followed an even thinner line of tiny white bubbles around the edge of where the beer met the glass.  There was nothing impressive to report to the point where it looked watered down.

The smell was very…boring…and almost musty.  There were a few malts, toasted caramel, toffee, and some very light, faded grassy hops.  That’s about it.  I really want there to be more, I want to write about the different scents and how they play together, but I can’t because this beer didn’t give me anything to work with.  Again, nothing impressive.

Then there was the taste, which is where I only managed to get through half of the bottle before I decided it wasn’t working out for me.  Despite it being just as watery as it looked, it was tart and flat.  There were a few more hops than malt on my tongue, the reverse of what was in the nose, leaving it more bitter without a whole lot of sweetness.  There was a hint of something that wanted to be toasted caramel, but it fell dreadfully short of that aspiration, right into the complete lack of carbonation – hence the flatness.  In its defense, it is quite easy to drink if you can ignore the smell and taste, or if you’re drunk, but there is absolutely nothing exciting or memorable about this beer.

I don’t even have anything to end with as it’s not a beer I would drink with anything.  It’s too flat to hold itself up, unless you added some perrier to it, which would only make it more watery.  It’s not worth it.  Until this brewery decides to kick it up a few good notches and show they care about the smell, taste, and feel of their beer, I will be reserving my better judgements for other local breweries that have beers with much more improved characters.


One thought on “Old World Brewery Irish Red Ale

  1. Have you had a chance to try the beers again would love to have you to tap room and say hi. Hard yo believe we sell all we can make and jys that bad.. sometimes in he beginning the botles beer got old flat etc. Buy we have worked hard and I think have earned lots of praise as we have earned some knocks. Come back on me.

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