Four Peaks 8th Street Ale

This is my third Four Peaks Brewery beer and my second favorite of the three, my first being the Devil’s Pitchfork Pale Ale and my third being the Kilt Lifter Scottish style ale.  At the rate I’m going, I should probably try to get to the brewery soon so that I can really get a better feeling and understanding of the Four Peaks brews.

Jumping right in, the 8th Street Ale is an English-style pale ale and has been commended on its taste proximity to ales brewed in England, thanks to the British grown Kent Golding and Fuggle hops (click on the links to find out more, we will learn together).  Enough with the fancy talk though.  This beer is a lovely coppery maple syrup color, or even a burnt orange depending on the light.  It pours with lots of carbonation into a rich, soapy off-white head that leaves behind a considerable amount of thick lace.

The smell is a of wonderful sweet barley concoction permeated by a light yeasty tint and a mixture of spicy floral and something woodsy.  There isn’t a whole lot of bitter in the scent, which I didn’t expect initially because of the types of unique hops used in the brew, but I discovered that the spiciness was thanks to the Kent Golding hops.  See, I’m learning!

The taste is almost exactly like the smell, only with a smoky sweet malt, rather than barley, and the bitterness finally rearing its head.  Again, expecting an overwhelming bitterness, I was pleasantly surprised with the bitter flavor and how light it was;  I was relieved that it refused to stick to my tongue for an unappetizing after taste.  The 8th Street Ale has quite a light mouth feel, just passing over the line into watery, and ends more on the dry side – thankfully neither of these do anything to take away from the tasty flavors.

I found this English-style ale very easy to drink, and would enthusiastically pick up a six-pack in the future.  It is an excellent Arizona beer, made light and ready for the hotter temperatures from April to October.  It is “professionally” recommended to be accompanied by Indian or Middle-Eastern food, but as I’m not the biggest fan of either, I say this would be spot on with a nice basket of fish and chips.  If you’re going to go with an English-style beer, you might as well go with English-style food!  Cheers!


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