Grand Canyon Brewing Company American Pilsner

Tonight’s beer worked out really well for me.  I realized the last few posts that I was getting ahead of myself and turning into a flavor snob, which is totally not my intention, so I once again took a step back to enjoy the beer for what it was rather than for what I thought it should be to please my palate.  It turned out so much nicer and I actually enjoyed my tasting tonight.  I find myself becoming more and more partial to pilsners, therefore The Grand Canyon Brewing Company’s American Pilsner was definitely no exception.  Somewhere along those lines, I should also mention that I also enjoyed their Horseshoe Bend Pale Ale earlier in the month.  The Grand Canyon Brewing Company is a wonderful local brewery that I’m happy to have access to.

The American Pilsner label is represented with a picture of the Havasupai Falls and accommodated by this quote:

One of the most spectacular views of the Grand Canyon is also one of the most photographed.  Known for its crystal clear water and 120 foot vertical drop, the Havasupai Falls are located on the west end of the Grand Canyon.

Being inspired by the falls, the color of this brew, as shown in the pictures, is a light golden color with honey-yellow accents.  Once poured, it formed a nice thick, bright head fed by the early explosion of carbonation in the form of large bubbles that seemed to expand as the seconds ticked on.  They reminded me of soap bubbles, swirling with colors.  There was no haze to cloud the liquid, rather it was more clear and watery-thin.

There were a few different scents in this one, all of which worked very well together to form a crisp aroma.  First was a delicious sweetness followed by a malty caramel, then an infusion of light spicy hops and a twang of saccharine yeast.  Mostly simple, but still quite delicious in my nose.  Like I said, I’m trying to get back to embracing the candidness of the brew, rather than the clutter.

I gulped the first bottle (poured into the snifter) down fairly quickly without registering how easy it was to drink.  The tastes that lingered on my tongue were very reminiscent of the fragrance, powered by the same sweetness, which turned out to be more grain-like in my mouth (not to be confused by grainy as it was actually quite smooth).  Along with the sweet grain, there were also notes of honey, caramel, and spicy hops that were further exacerbated by the fabulous carbonation.  The same carbonation also heavily contributed to the light body, keeping it from tasting watered-down or as thin as it looked in the glass.  The biggest difference between the smell and the taste was that with the smell being so crisp and spring-like, I expected the mouth feel to be the same;  instead, it only felt like it wanted to be crisp, but was holding on to something that kept it from being more quick and refreshing.

Of course, that’s not to say that this American Pilsner wasn’t refreshing, because it absolutely was and by the end of my second and last bottle, I wished that I had bought a few more.  This is a beer best enjoyed with chicken or fish, nothing too heavy, although I’m sure it would work just as well washing a juicy medium-rare steak down as it would a thick fillet of whitefish on a bed of butter pasta.  I would consider this a spring beer, but again, as I am really fond of it, I might consider this a spring to fall beer, just to keep me cool all summer.


2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Brewing Company American Pilsner

  1. anyway I can orders from the brewery? My son brought back the Sunset Amber Ale when on a trip through Arizona. Sue M.

    • As far as I know, there is no way to order directly from the brewery. I would recommend emailing them or finding someone who is willing to mail you some bottles. Good luck!

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