Grand Lake Wooly Booger Nut Brown Ale

It’s funny how perception changed things drastically. I work at a YMCA vacation spot, so to speak. Since it is a YMCA property and most people my age tend to go a little overboard with alcohol consumption, we cannot have alcohol on the property. Therefore, I am at the mercy and will of local establishments, which, sometimes, have poor selection. Therefore, I was stuck with another Grand Lake brew.

Stuck isn’t the right word. “Given the wrong beer” is a much better phrase. Tonight, I went a few miles down the road to a little, hip bar and asked for something good and local, and the friendly bartender offered two choices: “Grand Lake Brown or Red.” I’ve recently touched on a brown, so I decided to try the red. But I wasn’t given the red. I was given the brown.

However, I didn’t realize this until I looked at the bottle after the first drink, which came to an interesting surprise to me and, to be frank, didn’t taste very good because I was expecting a red ale.

Wrong beer aside, the Wooly Booger took a little time to grow on me. There was the standard creaminess and nuttiness that goes along with a nut brown, but there was a similar flavor that I found in last night’s White Cap. It might be the water, the altitude, my surroundings, but something is unsettling with Grand Lake brews. Granted, I’ve only had two select beers and am more than willing to give the others a try, but everything from the initial flavor to the finish leaves something to be desired.

Luckily for me (and you!) is that there is a terrific red licorice flavor during the finish which warms you up and takes you to a happy place. If it wasn’t for that saving grace, it would be a sub-par beer, but here’s another one that’s “not bad.”

I’m sure I’ll warm up to Colorado beer. I might miss Wisconsin beer. I may dislike the water. Maybe it’s just not that good. Either way, I will continue my quest for good Colorado beer.


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