Nimbus Dirty Güera Blonde Ale

After trying the Nimbus Red Ale and finding it deliciously interesting, I decided to pick up another Nimbus brew – their Dirty Güera Blonde Ale.  I’ve been intrigued by all of the interesting artwork on the labels, and this was no exception:

{Nimbus Brewery Facebook – larger picture here}

So far, the outside of the bottles have definitely proven to add more character to the brews inside the bottles, and they portray each of the flavors pretty spot on.  When I first poured the Dirty Güera into the glass, the head was thin, the visible carbonation dissipated quickly, and the lacing was clean, leaving no residue as it subsided.  The color can be described as a foggy orange “blonde.”  See what I did there?  Unfortunately, from this point onward, there’s really not a whole lot to say.

The smell was quite hard to get a hold of, being light and airy without much hops.  I did manage to pull out some caramel, spiciness, lime and a malty sweet scent, but there’s really not much there.  I wish I had more to say, but even the flavor followed suit with a very light finish.  Tasting went fairly quickly, and I found myself polishing off the first bottle within a few minutes just to try and get some characters out of it.  I ended up with some extremely light caramel, honey, sweet malt, yeasty barley, and barely any hops.  Along with the severe lack of hop flavor, there was zero aftertaste despite the wetness and good carbonation throughout the drink.  I just could not keep a grasp on this beer, it rolled on and off my tongue without a second glance.

In the very small amount of detail I’ve given though, I found myself rather enjoying this beer for its simplicity, only wishing it was a tad bit stronger in the delivery.  But how much can you really expect from a beer with “delicate flavor characteristics” titled Dirty Güera (which means blonde or white girl)?  I mean, nothing on white girls, especially blondes, but there’s a stereotype for a reason – especially considering most girls with blonde hair tend to play into it on purpose.  But this is beside the point that the beer is very light and has 4% alcohol/volume in a 12oz. bottle, so it’s easy to drink on a hot day.  They’re like a dime a dozen, if you catch my drift, haha.  Overall, definitely a summer beer perfect for those barbecues when you know you’re gonna be swimming off all the ribs you just finished and don’t want to drown.  Light and easy.


3 thoughts on “Nimbus Dirty Güera Blonde Ale

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