Grand Lake White Cap Wheat

Well, I’m back in business, and oh, how I’ve missed it. However, because of an unprepared move, I lack abilities to take pictures, so instead of those I took, you get some fun ones off the brewery websites until I figure something out. Regardless, I’ve had a long few days and you are going to deal with the absence of my stellar photography skills.

But on to more important matters. I’m going to try and stick to local brews, so I will sadly shift focus from Wisconsin to Colorado. I love Wisconsin beer, so if I get my hands on any besides Leinenkugel’s, I’m sure as hell picking some up. For those of you Wisconsin (or other) readers, I’ll start providing areas you might be able to find the beer I’m trying out, but I’m not promising that you will be able to find it.

Speaking of not being able to find a certain beer (unless you are in Colorado), I’m tasting Grand Lake White Cap Wheat. The brewery is located just a few miles north of my current abode and can only be found around the area, so apologies. Keep it in mind, however, if you ever are in Colorado.

Now, like I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of wheat beer. I picked the White Cap sort of by accident, but I am not disappointed. It’s a lighter beer with a subtle fruitiness, but not over done like other golden wheats. Grand Lake chose not to filter the White Cap, leaving the yeast at the bottom of the bottle, giving it slightly fuller flavor with hints of nuttiness.

The White Cap very drinkable, but the fullness allows it to stand alone. It is recommended that the beer is served with a citrus fruit, but I have to disagree. The beer itself is slightly more complex than other beers like it, but stays simple enough for the beer beginner.

Overall, Grand Lake made a beer that wouldn’t be my first choice, but made a decent golden wheat beer.


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