Point Belgian White

I have one more night in Wisconsin, so I decided to have a Point beer, since, for one, it’s also my last night in Stevens Point, my home for the last four years, and two, I haven’t had much Point because I’ve had an over-exposure because it’s brewed in Stevens Point, my home for the last four years.

I decided to try out the Belgian White Belgian Style Wheat Ale. Not only is a Point brew, but it’s wheat as well, which is not my favorite. Generally, I’m negative to wheat beer, not particularly caring for the fruitiness and the fact that an orange slice is often served with it. I usually don’t take to wheat beer, but this Belgian stuff isn’t bad.

The very light beer has a crisp initial flavor, but it quickly fades, leaving a subtle fruitiness, which is refreshing and smooth. If you don’t need to be cooled down and refreshed, I would say to pass this one. It’s incredibly drinkable but doesn’t have much complexity. However, when you read “Wheat” on the bottle, don’t have the same prior assumptions I did. I thought, “Well, here’s my first real negative review.” Luckily, I don’t mind this one.

If a light beer is what you are going for, this is a great choice. The Belgian White is a cheerful beer for a warm or long day, when even drinking a beer might add stress.


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