Oak Creek Brewing Co Gold Lager

This is the 3rd Oak Creek Brewing Co beer I have tried, the previous two being the Hefeweizen and the Amber Ale.  Of these three, this is my second favorite after the Hefeweizen.  One thing that made it more enjoyable was that I was able to try it at the brewery’s grill in Sedona, Arizona.  Not only are the views spectacular regardless of what window you’re looking out of, but the energy of the entire city is just so relaxing and rejuvenating.  The gorgeous red rocks and impossibly blue skies are the perfect compliment to a good brew.  Oak Creek Brewery and Grill is located right inside Tlaquepaque and takes up the whole second story of one of the main buildings.  It holds a huge bar with multiple sets of taps where all of their in-house brews are available, as well as a spacious indoor dining area and smaller outdoor patio.

But enough about the restaurant (fabulous food, by the way), I tried the 2002 gold medal winning Forty-Niner Gold Lager.  It was a nice, soft translucent gold color with an excellent head and great carbonation.  The way they brew their beers at the grill, known as “spunding,” is meant to create finer bubbles for a smoother taste, and it works deliciously.  The beer carries a very light, clean, grassy scent with a complete lack of hops or any bitterness, which also carried over to the flavor.  It was much more malty and slightly sweet in my mouth than under my nose, with a little bit of caramel and honey hiding in the undertones.

The Gold Lager was extremely smooth and crisp with a dry mouthfeel afterwards, leaving barely any aftertaste.  It is considered a medium body and keeps everything together perfectly.  It may be seen as a simpler beer, but it was a great companion to my beer-battered fish and seasoned waffle fries, allowing room for me to taste my food rather than try to clean my palate afterward.

I wish I had more to say about this brew, but the fact of the matter is that it is a wonderfully simple beer with a great, easy combination of flavors and scents.  Delicious with fish or lighter appetizers, but I’m sure in the hot Arizona summers, it would fit with anything and even be able to hold itsown when enjoyed by itself.  Yes, yes and yes!  Keep up the awesome work, Oak Creek, I can’t wait to come back and visit for another taste.






5 thoughts on “Oak Creek Brewing Co Gold Lager

  1. Yo Lys!

    My wife and I were there in March 2009. The Hefeweizen was really good. Have you had a chance to try the Wicked Pickles? They were AWESOME and went so well with the beer!

    Great photos by the way. I must go back to Sedona.


    • I have not had the pleasure of enjoying the wicked pickles…but I’m pretty sure I need to get back to Sedona ASAP to try that out (mmm, deep fried pickles and beer)! Thanks for the fantastic tip, and the comment!

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