Sprecher Special Amber

There are things that just come easy. Some understand art. I don’t. Some understand soap operas. I don’t. Some understand why people still live in Detroit. I don’t. Some people understand women. I don’t. I understand Mario Kart Wii and maps. That’s about it.

Occasionally, I understand other things. Like movies and malt beverages. Tonight, I found an easy thing to understand. Sprecher Special Amber.

Something special flows from earth colored glass, no pun intended. Each drink whispers in your ear, “Have another.” And I want one. I, also, should probably call a therapist, since my beer is speaking to me.

Such easiness coated in caramel, herbs, and hops has just enough flavor, which is very bouncy and rich, but not light enough to be boring. There is a perfect mix that makes it an incredibly drinkable, enjoyable experience. The hint of bitterness adds complexity and life, and the subtle tones of sweetness tease the tongue. It is as satisfying as biting into a perfectly crisp apple or smelling the first hint of spring.

This beer doesn’t need a mood or situation to be good in, like most beers do. Hot summer day? You could have a wheat ale to cool you down, or this beer. Cold winter day? You could have an imperial stout to warm you up, or this beer. You can have the amber with lunch or at the end of your day. Do you not like beer? Have water, or this beer.

The Special Amber and I have an understanding. It comes easy to me. It’s not overly dramatic nor overly complex like soap operas can be. It’s not confusing and strong like women. It just is. And it is, it is.


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