Central Waters Honey Blonde

I’m not always in the mood for music while driving. Being interested in news and other forms of media, I often listen to NPR or other variations of talk radio. On this particular drive, I stumbled upon an interview with Jon Stewert, who is just brilliant, but brought up a lot of political points about afore mentioned media that I’m concerned about (politics during a beer review, oh yes I did). After the interview, I moved to another station, this one with a brilliant, but insane man, Michael Savage, which depressed me about the afore mentioned media issues I mentioned before because it proved them.

After getting frustrated, I didn’t want any more heavy experiences tonight. I wanted light, nice, and simple. After perusing my night’s selection, my eyes wandered to a familiar brand and to a beer I haven’t had in some time: the Central Waters Honey Blonde.

Central Waters is out of Amherst, right outside of my alma mater, Stevens Point. They are a fantastic little brewery that tries to be a green as possible, which is a nice sentiment in this day in age. Solar panels and radiant floor aside, they make a lot of good beer, including the 100% Wisconsin grown Shine On and the Mud Puppy Porter. Like I said, it’s been a while, but I had the pleasure of having the Honey Blonde as my first Central Waters beer.

Blondes, as their name implies, are very light, but some aren’t light in flavor, such as this one. While it’s not bold or overpowering, the subtle tones on honey and nuts make this the prefect end to however stressful of a day. The Honey Blonde’s finish is like a warm blanket, coating the roof of your mouth with rich flavor. I have never had a beer quite like it, being light and sweet, but not fruity.

This beer has stress relief all wrapped up in the crisp, golden liquid. I’m not going to lie, it’s easy to drink a few of these in a sitting, so drink responsibly, but if you are sitting around at the end of your day, this is one of the great ones.


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