October 2010 Reviews: Beer

My goodness, where did September go? Out with the old, in with the awesome, I always say.

This month, Lys and I will be trying a local beer every day. Being on different sides of the country, we expect some interesting variety and differing styles, but we are hopeful to find some quality beers.

The issue with reviewing beer is that many people have different tastes, and many variables effect the flavor of beer. What glass it’s poured in, how fragrant it is, even the company you are with changes how your beers tastes. During our month, we hope to keep some consistencies. I will use a glass with an wide, open mouth to ensure that we get the fullest aroma and the most flavor, plus I can see the color and consistency a bit better. When we can, we will try and find the beer on tap, which, in my experience, changes the experience sometimes significantly.

Of course, we are going to enjoy every minute of it. Hopefully.

Once this month is up, we hope that we can give an idea of the quality and the swill that we find. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “October 2010 Reviews: Beer

  1. A good rule of thumb would be to avoid tap beer, as there can be many inconsistencies… when was the line cleaned last? What pressure are they using? At what temperature are they storing their kegs? How far away are the kegs? That is, if the beer has been sitting, and if it isn’t poured correctly, you could be getting beer that has been sitting in a warm line mixed with cool fresh beer from the keg. Bottles traditionally offer the purest taste on a broader scale and have fewer variables that can affect the quality. Also using a snifter glass is an excellent choice as it will provide the most uniform release of aroma and flavour, while also showing off the colour, opacity, and viscosity.

    • Thanks for the advise, Jake! We’ll be sure to ask the bar staff about the taps, but there are just as many inconsistencies with bottle beer if you aren’t careful. And we are going to try and be careful. Any funny business will be reported.

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