Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark

Of course I start with Leinie’s, and trust me, I tried to find something a little more obscure to start out, but you can’t win them all; especially when Leinie’s Winter Collection is staring longingly at you through the foggy, glass door of the cooler. Yes, the Winter Collection at the beginning of October seems a little ridiculous, but it is a little less ridiculous because is has one of my favorite beers ever (which you can read about later this weekend), which was released a month early. Nestled in the welcoming blue box was the Creamy Dark American Dark Lager.

When I asked my friend what beer he wanted, he said “something thick and creamy.” That inspired starting with the Creamy Dark. Initially, I expected just that: a dark, creamy, thick beer. However, the difference between the lagers and other beer are well defined by this beer.

Although it is a dark beer, it’s no stout or porter. The beer has dark reddish brown, translucent color and a smell head, but is plenty aromatic, smelling subtly of black coffee.

Right as the beer hits your mouth, it’s surprising how light the beer actually is. Immediately, the dark lager fills your mouth with flavor, tasting of coffee, nuts, and a slight hint of, for lack of a better word, cream, but lacks any thickness. It tastes and has the consistency much like coffee with just a touch of milk, only to cut down on the bitterness, which is what it seems to do with the beer. There is a short touch of bitterness as you swallow the beer, but it quickly fades. The finish is very smooth and lingers for quite some time.

The Creamy Dark is a great beer to sit and sip but remains very approachable and drinkable. It doesn’t have a huge complexity, but is far from boring. If you are just starting to get into darker beer, this is a great stepping stone. It’s right in between a lager and other, darker counterparts like a porter.

Overall, the Creamy Dark is an enjoyable beer. Nothing really makes me not want to drink the beer and is a good experience from start to finish.


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